Make no mistake, photography is an art.

I wish I could tell you that it has turned into some sort science. For that to happen, we would need some sort of equation that you just need to plug all sorts of variables into and out comes a perfect photo each and every time.

As you probably already know, we are far from reaching this stage in technical development. In fact, given the limitations of photographic equipment, we may never reach that stage. Personally, this is all well and good because, let’s face it, there’s something personal about photography. Whether you take wedding pictures for a living or you take a lot of personal art photos or just love documenting stuff through photography, it gives you a tremendous opportunity to give your personal touch.

Your personal touch is a product of your background

Your experiences, as well as your personal philosophy, values and character. In other words, it varies from individual to individual. It is very personal. It is very intimate. It is a statement of who you are as a person and how you would like to see the world. This is why trying to come up with sort of magic formula to create great photos by using the right equipment at the right time, in the right context, with the right subject matter is really a fool’s errand.

It really is a waste of time because even if you were to give the exact same equipment to two photographers with the same type of experience and the same background, you are going to get very different photographs. This is what’s so awesome about photography. It is a personal statement. It is your personal attempts at freezing a particular segment of reality and putting your own stamp on it.

It is fully personal.

Everything that is distinct or special about you comes into play. You see, everything about you is unique. It all comes from a place that is distinct to you. Nobody can take any of these away from you. Your point of view and your compositional skills are purely yours. They come from you. They emanate from everything that is distinct and different about you. Maybe these are your experiences. Maybe these are your personal quirks. Whatever the source, it works with your skills and training to deliver something that is very distinctive. is an online photography resource that proceeds from this assumption. We understand that photography is, at the end of the day, personal. This is why we have given you all sorts of tools, resources and materials to put your personal stamp on your slice of reality. On top of that, there is a very robust photographer community here where not only does everybody trades technical tips and inside scoops on certain types of photography equipment, it is also a source of inspiration.

We enable photographers to truly step up their game

It is also a source of challenges that enable photographers to truly step up their game. Indubitably, it’s very easy to get complacent when it comes to any kind of art. Whether you’re into photography, poetry, oil painting, sculptures or whatever, it is easy to hit some sort of plateau and it’s easy to think that at some point, you cannot get past this creative block or some sort of creative wall.

It seems that at a certain point, all your output pretty much look like your previous output. Believe me, I’ve been there. This is a part of the reason why I’ve put up this website in the first place. You have to understand that your difficulty is not so much a creative or technical issue. Instead, it is a failure of communication.

In other words, you are an imaginative, creative and resourceful person.

Nobody is going to take that away from you. However, the reason why you’re struggling at this point in time is because you have no gotten the kind of inspiration and creative push that you need to truly break the impasse. Again, I’ve been through that. I know how difficult and frustrating it is to kind of beat your head against the creative wall.

It’s kind of like being a chicken and being forced to lay an egg. It’s very frustrating and ultimately gets old very quickly. By creating a nurturing and supportive online community of photographers who take your craft as seriously as you do, you get the right kind of encouragement to get off the fence. That’s right. You get the right signals, so you can get the inspiration you need to create something new.

We all understand that this is not easy. We all know that this does not happen quickly, but with the right signals, inspiration and environment, you will get there sooner rather than later. In addition to tips, inspiration, as well as the finishes products of other photographers, you get the inside scoop on key equipment that you might want to consider.
We don’t impose equipment lists on our community. We don’t cram this stuff down your throat. However, we do give you samples of how certain types of equipment can truly help you step up your game. If you are completely in the dark regarding the kind of hardware or accessories that would really put a different spin on your work, you have come to the right place.

Again, nothing is required here. You just need to check out other people’s work products, pay attention to the kind of equipment they use and make up your mind. Some types of equipment configuration make sense for some photographers, while others prefer another kind of configuration.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, regardless of how much photography experience you have, has everything you need to level up your skills. Welcome to our community. Please enjoy the stuff we have on offer. Feel free to suggest and share. Feel free to share the word.

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