This website is a compilation of all the notes and wish lists I’ve come up with in all my years as a professional photographer. I started out documenting my family outings as we travelled outside the country.

After a while, it dawned on me that my skill level was actually increasing, and I need more formal help. I took photography classes and I travelled extensively to get the latest photography information.

After several years of both formal and informal instruction, I’ve come up with all sorts of notes and ideas regarding what would make up the very best online photography resource. As you can tell from this website, there are lots of notes here, some odds and ends, and in many cases, all sorts of thoughts that are under development.

This is where you come in. You are welcome to share all your photography notes with the community. By sharing all our resources together as well as discussing different imaginative ventures and ideas that we may have, we would probably end up composing better pictures. This is not speculation nor is it a theory. I’ve seen this happen with my very own eyes.

Why? You see, when you have one person coming up with all sorts of ideas, the only thing he or she can refer to is his or her previous experience. Now, it would be great if that person has a world of experience, has travelled extensively and met with a lot of people from many different contexts and cultures from all over the world with varying experience levels.


Unfortunately, such people are quite rare. Most of us have fairly narrow experience levels and this is why it’s a good idea to hang out in some sort of online hub that welcomes curiosity and pushes people to be more creative and imaginative.

In other words, it would be great to hang out online where you are challenged.

I’m not talking about being challenged in a bad way like being called out or offended. I’m talking about being challenged in terms of looking at what is possible, pushing you and giving you the inspiration that you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Make no mistake, when it comes to photography, experiments can be very disappointing.

In fact, it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Nine times out of then, the spaghetti will bounce off. Similarly, when conducting photography experiments, a lot of your compositions are not going to be all that great. They leave a lot to be desired and, in many cases, there is at least one piece that is missing that has to pull it all together. There’s something off about your work.

The good news is, the more you try and the more people encourage you with their own work, you will eventually get there. This is the hope behind this website. Sure, there are a lot of notes here and some of them are barely developed, but you are more than welcome to become part of this joint collaboration that will help all of us truly piece together a friendly, insightful and encouraging place for photographers.

Where you come from, your experience level and what kind of equipment you have don’t matter. If you are all excited about everything and anything photography has to offer, this is the place for you. Welcome to ABC-Fotographia.com. Please feel free to invite all your other photographer friends.

If they are veteran photographers, amazing. If they have just gotten started, good job. If they’re thinking of picking up a camera or they don’t even own a camera, they’re more than welcome.

Everybody is welcome here because this information is sure to help people, regardless of their skill level, the equipment they have or don’t. As long as they love being imaginative and taking snapshots of reality as it unfolds in a particular point in time, this is the place for them.